Guuuurrrrrl, I can’t tell you how many times I had promised myself that ‘tomorrow’ I was going to: eat clean, work out, save money, put myself out there in my business.

That this time it was going to be different.
That this was going to be the last bag of chips.
That if he did “it” again, I’d leave him for good.
That “this” would be the last thing I put on my credit card.
And I really, like, reeallly believed it.
But, it didn’t stick, and every time I didn’t follow through, it chipped away at my self-belief — Until I got tired of my own bullshit.

I immersed myself in all things habit-breaking and habit-forming.  I read everything I could get my grubby hands on.
I traded Law & Order (SVU of course) episodes for Youtube videos and every car ride, grocery-run and house-cleaning chore was filled with podcast interviews about procrastination, consistency and getting clarity on what I wanted.

About Demi

This wasn’t learning for the sake of learning.  Every day became an experiment.  Almost everything I read, saw and heard, I would test, tweak and repeat. 

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t going for David-Goggins-level follow-through.  But I did want to know that I could count on myself to do what I said I wanted to do. 

Bit by bit, things started to come together.  It was subtle at first.  So subtle, I almost missed the change.  And then, it snowballed and the changes became more noticeable. 

As a result of building the foundation with the small steps, the big results were:

* Ended a relationship.
* Quit smoking.
* Purchased an investment property.
* Grew my savings account.
*Left a toxic job to start a business.
* Bought a home.
* Travelled to Africa.
And so much more.

There would’ve been no way I could’ve done any of that had I not first worked on the foundation. 
It’s like running – You’re not going to run 10km when you can barely walk 5km. 

How do you expect yourself to take chances and make moves when you can’t even make your bed, consistently?

The key is to set up your environment and start your day in a way that will make it that much easier to follow through.  

It’s incredible how impactful our space can be to our mindset and our mood. 

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a space that you’ve freshly cleaned?  – I’m talking about the kind of clean you end up with “donate” and “throw out” piles. Everything is tidy and organized.  Tell me it doesn’t feel like a fresh start!

In that frame of mind, it’s sooooo much easier to put the dishes away.  You want to keep it clean and tidy. 

In that frame of mind, it’s easier to choose to eat the apple.  You feel like a new person with new habits. 

In that frame of mind, it’s easier to dream about what you want your life to look like.


This is what the Demigoddess Store is about –  Curating  & creating products, tools and resources to get your space, your mind and your morning routine right so that you create the life you actually want to live.

I’m talking about following through on the promises you make to yourself – to show up for the workouts, to choose the foods that will nourish your body, to leave the situations that no longer serve you, to make the money (without killing your soul) … all of it.

Here’s to living your life, fully. 🥂

SnapShot of lil’ ol’ me:

* Lover of life, roller coasters and chai tea lattes.
* Must live near a body of water, have access to hiking trails, books & chai tea lattes.
* Don’t do small talk.
* My notifications are almost always turned off.
* People loving introvert.
* Cozy for the win. Think fireplace & comfy clothes.
* Animal lover and advocate.
* My happy vibe is almost always set to high. (if you’re not a morning person, I’d definitely annoy you)
* Have the best worst date stories … I attract all kinds. Probably because of the happy vibe thing … or because I need a “dating exorcism” done. The verdict is still out on this one.


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