Go From Professional Procrastinator to Confidently Consistent Without Jeopardizing Your Sanity

(or your soul)

For cozy-loving, introverts who want more time and money to do as they please (two hour massages, anyone?), our products and services will put your space, your mind and your mood in productive mode.

Design Your Work & Your Life
To Support You

Want to do work that lights you up and feel like life is about more than just trying to pay your bills?  Want to feel excited about life?  With just a few tweaks here and there, you’ll be flippin’ the middle finger to fear, doubt and insecurity and you’ll begin to make some serious moves – even if you don’t consider yourself a mover and a shaker.

Supercharge Your Productivity,
The Fun Way

I curate products, services, tools, resources and hacks that I personally try AND looooove.  I have the willpower of a lemming – the fun part  is out of necessity.  You’re welcome.

Home Coffee
Meaning of Life

Get Your Mojo Back and Feel Like You're Actually Creating A Meaningful & Rich Life

Whether it’s: Traveling the world while you work. Opening an animal sanctuary. Living in a cabin nestled in the woods and writing your heart out.  Creating art in the middle of a beautiful English garden or opening a book store – create your life wherever and however YOU feel the most like yourself.
Because where you most feel like yourself, is where you find meaning.

Everything Has Been Carefully Curated and Created To Ensure The Highest Quality

And Ultimate Enjoyment

The Demigoddess Store is for the goddess in each of us. From the candles, to the books, to the throws, to the lotions and everything in between – is for you.

Building a sisterhood.