I stood behind him. My hands gripped the rubber handles of the wheelchair. Willing myself not to cry.

I looked down at the hat, which he purposely wore in a way that made him look like a garden gnome from the back, and I wondered what he might be thinking, or feeling.

Was he content with what he had done in and with his life?
Was he making promises to himself of all the things he’ll do with if he makes it through?

His name was called.
I wheeled him to the spot by a window and we waited for the nurse to insert the IV and get his chemical concoction in place.
He took out his crossword puzzle and I opened my laptop. I looked up at him and asked, “What do you think the meaning of life is?” I got ready to type.
My dad looked up from his crossword and said “Learning and growing. There are no mistakes. Just lessons.” And he went back to his crossword.
So much for that. ?
But lucky for you grin I have a few things I’d like to add.
Probably nothing revelatory but a good reminder nonetheless.

  • Things will happen in life and it’s how you CHOOSE to respond that will determine how your life experiences will unfold. There’s always a choice.
  • Honour the promises you make to yourself. Make the bed, do the workout, draw the boundary, start the business, finish the project, book the session, have the conversation.
  • Devote your life to living in faith instead of fear. Put your devotion into practice with every choice you make … will you make your choice from faith or from fear?

    My hope is that you live life fully, wildly and freely.
    I hope that you have the courage to trust your gut.
    I hope your life is filled with countless moments that take your breath away.
    I hope you don’t hold back.
    I hope your life inspires you.
Greek Dancing

” Learning and growing. There are no mistakes. Just lessons.