A new day, a new month – endless possibilities.
But do you really get that the possibilities are in fact endless?

Have you gotten lost in the chaos of life that you’re not even living YOUR life?

Let’s break this down, shall we?

Somewhere, someway, each day has begun to look like every other day. #HELLOGroundhogDay

You want to wake up feeling excited for the day ahead but it’s hard when you’re barely keeping your head above water.

You open your eyes, bemoan how you’re still tired and immediately your mind begins to go through the checklist of all the shit you ‘HAVE’ to do.

You essentially are bracing yourself for the day ahead.

Do you realize what this means?

It means that even before your feet touch the ground, you’re already approaching the day in resistance.

You’re already approaching the day as something that needs to be done…that you must prepare yourself for.

It’s no wonder that your goals go unmet.

I’ll see your, “Tomorrow I’m going to start doing X, eliminate Y, get Z done” and raise you; “I am SO DONE WITH THIS. I am NEVER going to (insert the myriad of patterns/behaviours/beliefs/people that are dimming your light)”

Been there done that and now am proudly wearing the “I Broke The Habit of Breaking Promises” t-shirt.

Do you get how fleetingly brilliant life is?
It’s interesting how we approach our life as if we have all the time in the world and yet we’re amazed (in an almost panicky sort of way) at how quickly time is passing.

We give our time and energy to things and people that have no business getting either.

If the job, the business, the romantic partner, the friendship, life … the ANY of it makes you feel anxious, unhappy, dissatisfied, disenchanted, unfulfilled, hopeless, or addicted … take that as an indication that you are out of alignment.

The things you’re doing, the people you’re spending time with – no matter how much part of you “enjoys/loves” it/them – is/are not in alignment with what your life is meant for.

You can’t talk, beg or think it/them into alignment.

Regardless of how much history you share together.
Regardless of how amazing they were at one time.
Regardless of the fact that it pays the bills
Regardless of the fact that you’ve put so much time and money into X.

You will either heed the message that it/they aren’t the thing and in which case you then open up space for the thing to actually come into your space OR you’re going to try and make it/them the thing and spend your precious time, energy and sanity until you realize the truth of the situation.

Here we are, two months away from the end of the year – the end of the decade. It’s time to dig deep, sister. The energies are supporting you and no more playing small, deal?

You got this & I got you.