I woke up this morning and said a prayer of thanks – #gratitude y’all.

And with a messy bun, donning nothing but my undies, a tank top and socks (my sister swears that only serial killers wear socks to bed), I got up to feed Phish (my cat).

As I made my way to the kitchen, I passed the full-length mirror and I came to a complete stop when I saw my reflection. There staring back at me was a toned-ish, albeit bleary-eyed, woman.
I could see the beginnings of striations. I momentarily admonished the cellulite on my legs but within seconds I was back to admiring this new physique of mine.

As much as I was feeling myself AND loving that I didn’t focus on the cellulite, I was more in awe of the evidence of …
The power of small steps.
The power of making a decision.
The power of drawing a hard line.
The power of flooding your brain with motivation and inspiration.
The power of having a space you love.
The power of surrounding yourself with things you love.
The power of doing something on the daily for you.
The power of expanding your container by trying new things.
The power of momentum.
The power of getting grounded.
The power of kindness.
The power of turning off your notifications.
The power of leveraging other people’s success. Use it as evidence that it can be done and then go after it.

For instance, the other day I spent a ridiculous amount of time watching videos of people giving tours of their living spaces. Some might think this is an utter waste of time, and might even say that doing this is not only a form of procrastination; but also another way we compare ourselves to others.

But I wasn’t comparing. I was seeing what was possible. It lit a fire in my belly.
It inspired me to finish a few household projects that I had been putting off.
This left me feeling a little extra zippy; which resulted in pushing myself a little harder in my workout …
This made me feel a little more like a fitness chick and that feeling led to reaching for the blueberries and an apple, instead of the bag of chips …
I drank a little more water. And it gave me a bit more energy and I jumped online and returned the messages I had been avoiding.
Which made me feel a little more accomplished …
Which sparked a little creativity in me and I began to write.
At first, it felt a little clunky and I thought “maybe I’ve come to the end of the feel-good train”; but I squashed that thought just as soon as I thought it, because um, hello?!!
Just look at my exercised fine booty sitting in my newly cleaned and organized space, eating blueberries whilst I check shit off my list … I got this.

So, the next time you don’t feel like doing something, just remember that action begets emotion.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a small step. Whether it’s organizing one corner of your desk, turning off your notifications for an hour or doing one air squat.
You were built to show up as your best and brightest self – Start with the first step. Start now.

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