It’s so easy to slip/stay in the same-old-same old.
To hide.
To give yourself a back door when things get uncomfortable.
To make excuses why you can’t.
To make promises of when you will.

Dopamine hits are always just a click away.
Scrolling on the internet.
Adding items to your cart.
Superficial connections.
Creeping other people’s lives.
Reading and watching motivational & inspirational quotes and videos.
All of it.

But if you want to feel alive? Well, you’re gonna have to change things up.

Can you recall the last time you pushed yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone? Remember how incredible you felt?

What if today you looked for ways to stretch yourself? What if today you shook things up a bit and created a little self-imposed adversity?


Have that conversation.
Express how you feel.
Share what you think.
State what you want.
When you find yourself in a situation where it would be oh-so-easy to react … pause.
Respond compassionately.


Take that class.
Try a different route.
Learn the language.
Do the extra set … run the extra minute.
Strike up a conversation.
Make eye contact.
Check your credit score.
Set that appointment.
Get a massage.
Start the business.
Finish the website.
Write the thank you card.
Organize your space – There’s something soul-gratifying about cozing up with a book and coffee in hand in your newly-organized space.

It’s now o’clock.
No more someday’ing your life.

“Stop someday’ing your life. It’s now o’clock.