I can’t tell you how many times I had promised myself that “tomorrow” I would start showing up in my life in a big way. Whether it was eating clean, moving my body more, making more money, dating…

And I can’t tell you how many times tomorrow came, and I’d start strong but then that thing(insert any host of reasons) would happen and it would totally throw me off. UGH.

I’d promise myself, TOMORROW! Tomorrow I’ll wake up early and set the day on fire. I was going to go all in. ALL. IN.

Tomorrow would come and it’d either be a repeat of the day before OR I’d nail it. But it would be only a matter of time before something else would show up in my life…the fight with a partner, the unexpected bill, a cold, mercury retrograde (although, that’s pretty legit), that would set me back.

The reality is, there will ALWAYS be something that comes up that will make the new habit, lifestyle, and/or business upgrade, that much more uncomfortable…but it’s in each of those moments that we get to decide whether we’re going to let whatever is going on, take us out of the game.

Every promise that is made in tomorrow means we go back to the starting line. Whereas, if we just stick with it and push past the moment of discomfort, we’ve not only built our grit muscle but we’ve gotten that much further ahead. Our new normal has just been upgraded. We’ve just expanded our container and when we expand our container, that means we’re able to hold a lot more. A lot more health. A lot more money. A lot more love. A lot more freedom. A lot more of what we want in our lives.

One thing I’ve discovered is that we are capable of more than we know. But we allow our mental chatter to take us out of the game before the going gets good.

The following are two ways to discover pretty quickly what your mental chatter is…

1) Do something that will make you physically uncomfortable. Push your body beyond what you’re used to. Pay attention to what you tell yourself to get you to stop.

OR, maybe your stories stop you before you even get started.

Maybe the weather is crappy, that bum knee, you’re too busy today but tomorrow you will (<—this shows up everywhere) As valid as they may seem, that response is telling in and of itself. That means when presented with a challenge, you accepted the first obstacle as a reason why you can’t proceed.

2) Do something that will make you feel vulnerable. Pay attention to what you tell yourself; from choosing what the challenge will be throughout the process of executing it. Lean into the discomfort. Make it a game.

If you want to make changes in your life, it requires sacrifices. There’s no way around it. You have to let something go in order to grow. Whether it’s a belief, an identity, a sense of security, familiarity, an addiction, a numbing mechanism, or a coping mechanism. I’ll say it again, something must go in order for you to grow.

With a deep belief in your greatness … xo