If you’ve been making decisions based on “should’s”, I’m going to guess that you’ve probably experienced burn out (and probably on more than one occasion).

If you’ve been taking actions based on “should’s”, I’m going to guess that you’ve felt like you’re living the wrong life.

Slowly, slowly, slllooooooowly you have checked out and have introduced coping mechanisms.

Scrolling on the socials before you realize how much time you wasted. You promise yourself that tomorrow, oh, sweet tomorrow, you’re going to wake up early and crush your list.

Tomorrow comes and holy Hannah, it looks an awful lot like yesterday.

On the surface, it might seem like you got a few more things checked off your list, but by the end of the day, there’s still that little gnawing feeling of emptiness one gets from doing the surface-level stuff.

Essentially, what you’ve done is work that doesn’t really move the needle, it doesn’t really fuel you.  It might relieve the pressure valve but it does very little for your mental and emotional wellness, let alone your bank account.

So with this low-level hum of discontent buzzing through your soul, you unconsciously seek ways to numb/quiet it.

Again, you find yourself scroll, scroll, scrolling through TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.
Eating a little too much of the ‘convenient’ foods.

You reach your breaking point again and declare that enough is enough! Tomorrow, you’re going to start fresh!

You mean business and you’re going to prove it by throwing out the bag of chips/cookies. You march over to the kitchen …but wait … you’ve already messed up today and it would be a waste to throw them out, you think to yourself. You decide to finish them off and get them out of your system for good. *looks at you knowingly*

And ’round the ‘tomorrow’-ferris -wheel we go.

Too many of us are living WAAAAY below what we are capable of. We stay within the confines of the boundaries we’ve created. Our money boundary, our health boundary, what we expect from our relationships (from ourselves and others), and how much we put into living our lives. The whole enchilada. And unless you’re willing to stretch those boundaries, you won’t go anywhere.

One day will continue to look like the other, which turns into a week, which turns into a month, which turns into a year, and before you know it, there goes a bloody decade and you wonder where the fuck did the time go?

You feel that bit of anger start to boil inside and you are so on board to making the new year THEE year you’re going to take prisoners. 2023 is going to be the year you show up like the fucking badass that you are. You’re going to do ALLTHETHINGS.
Eat clean like a mofo.
Show up in your business like it’s nobody’s business.
Workout? Pfft. Every damn day.
Start that business? Like a boss.
Wake up at 5am? Yup.
Meditate? Damn straight!
You’re getting more amped up as you declare once and for all that this is it. This is Mother.Fucking.It.
(I’m not sure why I’m envisioning you swearing like a sailor *shrugs*)
My question to you is, what is going to make this different? *looks at you knowingly, AGAIN.

Every time you don’t follow through, you chip away at your self-belief/trust/faith in yourself. If you keep giving yourself a back door, pretty soon your soul is going to grab your sanity and leave for good. Well, maybe not for good – I was just being dramatic to impress upon you how detrimental breaking promises to yourself is 🙂

It causes anxiety, stress, struggle, feelings of unease, unhappiness, unfulfillment, and a lack of passion and purpose. It’s the root of it all.

So, today …. T-O-DAY … I want you to do three things:

1. Tap into what you want.

2. Decide it’s yours.

3. Baby step it.

This is exactly how I up-levelled all areas of my life.
I discovered what I wanted. Made a decision. And then I baby stepped the shit out of it.
For instance, for my body goal, I started off by jogging on the spot for 1 minute. That’s it. That’s how it started. I did it consistently for a week and then I added a little – and I do mean little – workout routine. We’re talking 5 air squats (no weights), 5 side leg lifts and 5 deadlifts (no weights).

It felt a little ridiculous, but I was doing SOMETHING. It was ALL about instilling the habit, NOT the outcome.

My measurements went from 34-29-38 to 32-25-34.5.

When I say every area in my life has been up-levelled, I mean EVERY area.
I moved into a space I LOVE in an area I love.
I’m doing work that fills me like never before.
I’m deepening connections with the people in my life that I freaking adore.
Money is always coming in and in all ways.
I’m having experiences that make me feel excited and alive.

There are a lot of mornings when I think of my blessings that I either find myself getting teary-eyed or this surge of excitement bursts through my body.

So, watch out: I’m on a mission – I want everyone to experience this.
(There will be no Kool-Aid served, promise.)

If you need help with creating a plan, shoot me an email. demi@demigoddess.store