Don't Cheap Out

This year has already been a bit of a whirlwind … Between clients, work projects and trying to teach Pearl 🐕 that her monomaniacal focus on squirrel genocide is not becoming, I’ve also been up to my eyebrows in various programs and courses that will not only help me, but also help me help my clients.

Some of those courses had a heftier price tag that inevitably always made me hum-and-haw on whether to make the investment or not. My first reaction would be excitement because I knew it would be helpful, but then fear would come screaming in my ear … “You’re going to run out of money!!” “Remember that time you were “excited” and spent alllll that money and nothing came of it?!” “Can we really trust you to do it this time?!”

 Sometimes fear wins, but more often than not, I remember who the f*ck I am and move forward, anyway.

I’ve found that these three guidelines have helped me and wanted to share them with you …

1. Play offense. Make decisions and take actions that will move you toward your goals/desires. Too often we play defense, where our focus is on avoiding mistakes and not failing.

2. Don’t cheap out. Take every opportunity to WOW your client/customer… and just as importantly, wow yourself. Whether it’s paying attention to detail or being so devoted to excellence in your craft by way of delivery/results and/or the honing of your skill.

3. Let your toes cross the edge of comfort. Invest in yourself and your business. Do things that get you excited, stretch your pocket book and make the butterflies have a par-teh 🎉 in your belly. Take chances, draw a line in the sand. Trust me when I tell you that your life/business will respond in kind.

Here’s to you remembering who the f*ck you are,