A Reverend, a Dog & a 500lb Mirror All Walk Into a Bar

DIY Rock Mirror

I stood there for an embarrassingly long time staring in the mirror at the tuft of hair on the crown of my head that refuses to lay flat. And in the midst of cursing the cowlick gods, I gasped – I would’ve clutched my pearls if I were wearing any.  I gasped when I realized […]

Big Shifts

Setting standards

This month has been brimming with potential. So. Much. Potent. Energy – Have you been feeling it?   So, if you want to change the reality you live in, (i.e. your location, your money situation, your job, your business, your fitness, your romantic situation … your everything, essentially) you’ve gotta change the way you think […]

New Beginnings

New beginnings

A new day, a new month – endless possibilities. But do you really get that the possibilities are in fact endless? Have you gotten lost in the chaos of life that you’re not even living YOUR life? Let’s break this down, shall we? Somewhere, someway, each day has begun to look like every other day. […]

The Magical Land of Tomorrow

The Magical Land of Tomorrow

If you’ve been making decisions based on “should’s”, I’m going to guess that you’ve probably experienced burn out (and probably on more than one occasion). If you’ve been taking actions based on “should’s”, I’m going to guess that you’ve felt like you’re living the wrong life. Slowly, slowly, slllooooooowly you have checked out and have […]


best morning routines

Y’all, way back when I switched up my morning routine and it legit skyrocketed my mood, my energy … Before you exit stage left whilst cursing me for wasting 47 seconds of your life you’ll never get back, PLEASE, hear me out. Read through and then implement for just one week. If you find you’ve […]


what's the point to life

Have you ever woken up and wondered what the point of all this is for? And by “all of this”, I mean life. And you say to yourself, “If only I had more money, more time, less responsibility, fewer commitments – I’d do things differently … I’d live differently.” Same 🙋🏻 It’s interesting how our […]



Have you been feeling unfulfilled?  Empty? It may very well be a sign that you’re not on your path. When we live a shadow version of ourselves, we acquire habits to try and ease the discomfort. We avoid confrontation aka not speaking our truth.  We put making money ahead of our emotional and mental well-being. […]

My Before And After

My before and after

I woke up this morning and said a prayer of thanks – #gratitude y’all. And with a messy bun, donning nothing but my undies, a tank top and socks (my sister swears that only serial killers wear socks to bed), I got up to feed Phish (my cat). As I made my way to the […]

What I Learned During A Chemo Treatment

During a chemo treatment

I stood behind him. My hands gripped the rubber handles of the wheelchair. Willing myself not to cry. I looked down at the hat, which he purposely wore in a way that made him look like a garden gnome from the back, and I wondered what he might be thinking, or feeling. Was he content […]