This month has been brimming with potential. So. Much. Potent. Energy – Have you been feeling it?
So, if you want to change the reality you live in, (i.e. your location, your money situation, your job, your business, your fitness, your romantic situation … your everything, essentially) you’ve gotta change the way you think (i.e. your expectations) about the reality you currently find yourself within.
At some point, it’s necessary to align yourself with the vision of the life you prefer. It’s about deciding what your desired reality feels like and becoming tenacious in your allegiance to it.
Quantum physics has shown us this time and time again. When studying quantum particles and how they behave, researchers have proven that as soon as there is an expectation of where a particle will be located, the particle behaves according to the expectation.
Every. Single. Time
There may be moments of fear, of doubt, of existential panic and wanting to go back to the old way of doing things – and I get how familiar thoughts, patterns, behaviors and situations (no matter how unhealthy) have their own flavour of comfort.  But remind yourself (as often as is necessary) that the old ways have never worked. At best, they were the equivalent of a band-aid on a gunshot wound.
Just keep moving forward.  Breath, laugh, cry … do whatever you have to do, but just keep going.
No more time for fence sitting, or hand wringing. This is the clarion call for radical, and love based, action in your life.
Set your expectations and watch things shift and move to meet them.