Y’all, way back when I switched up my morning routine and it legit skyrocketed my mood, my energy …

Before you exit stage left whilst cursing me for wasting 47 seconds of your life you’ll never get back, PLEASE, hear me out.

Read through and then implement for just one week. If you find you’ve experienced zero benefits after one week of trying what I’m about to share with you, you have full permission (not that you need it) to forever banish me from entering your brain ever again.

A good morning routine builds the foundation to get more done by noon than most people get done in a week. But it’s not about getting more done. This is about feeling fulfilled … feeling alive. It’s about being an active participant in your life.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all routine. In fact, your Human Design will give you some insight on how to approach your mornings. (I got my free report from that site)

So before we dive into the various morning routines, let me make a few points:

1. There are no hard and fast rules to this.

2. Make forming the habit your priority instead of making the outcome your priority. If your idea of a morning routine is having a cup of coffee whilst scrolling through the internet, you may want to start by implementing something small enough to minimize resistance, but big enough to move the needle.

I remember when I wanted to shed 10lbs – I started by jogging on the spot for 1 minute each day.
When I found that I was doing it consistently, I added 2 minutes. It didn’t make a dent in my belly fat, but you know what it did do? It got me to start making different choices throughout my day. Jogging on the spot for a measly 3 minutes a day motivated me to park a little further, take the stairs instead of the elevator, drink more water … and then I wanted to start jogging more and lifting weights and eating more veggies and … you get the point. Trust me on this.

3. Lastly, we can’t talk about morning routines without talking about sleep.
When should you wake up?
How much sleep should you get?

When you talk about productivity, there seems to be two camps. Some argue in favour of waking up extremely early to maximize those early-morning hours. Others say getting enough sleep needs to be the priority. My take is that you should wake up only after you’ve gotten 7-8 hours of sleep.
There is enough science showing that when it comes to productivity, getting enough sleep is essential.

Now on with the show ...

I’ve experimented with a ton of different morning routines. Waking up super early, waking up without an alarm, starting off with exercise, focusing on a quiet and meditative start, jumping into work, learning being the focus and the good ol’ going with the flow method. In all these different experiments, there isn’t one perfect routine that will make you rich, ripped and happy overnight. But I promise that you will start feeling differently aaaand, you will start seeing a positive shift.

There are different routines for different purposes. You may find that as your goals change, your routines change. For instance, if health and fitness is your priority, your routine may focus solely on making time for that.

Therefore, instead of suggesting one routine, I want to share different ones with you that serve different purposes and you can see which feels like the best fit for you at this time.

Option One: Meditation and Stillness

If you’re in the “I can’t meditate” camp … YES. YOU. CAN.
Meditation is simply about TRYING to still your mind. Surely you can sit and close your eyes for one minute.
Count to 60. The next time you do it, count to 40 and pause to take a deep inhalation and exhalation between each number. Some days will be easy and some days you’ll feel like you’re about to jump out of your skin if you have to sit for another moment longer. On those days, the old adage, “This too shall pass” will be your mantra.

I use the free app, Insight Timer.

Open the app, choose the guided meditation option, and then choose the 1-5 minute option and then choose a 1-minute meditation. Voila. Easy peasy.

Recommended for: If you want to be calm and less anxious in your day but don’t like to exercise in the morning. This is a great alternative.

Option Two: Do The “Thing” That You Keep Telling Yourself You’re Going to Do But Somehow Manages to Not Get Done and Ends Up on Tomorrow’s List

This will make you feel unstoppable. Trust me. After you make traction with this, everything else will be a cinch.

This routine is about making getting some work done your first priority, and ONLY once you’ve made some progress do you take a break to do the normal routine you’d do in the morning. Not only does this maximize your time, it shifts your productivity much earlier. You finish much earlier in the day and can enjoy the rest of your day without feeling like something is hanging over your head.

Recommended for: Anyone who is a business owner, artist, writer and/or solopreneur.

Option Three: Exercise and Energy

This routine is simple: right when you wake up you go and exercise. Before eating breakfast, checking your phone and emails or social media— move your body.

This puts fitness in that all-important first slot of the day. If you’ve struggled with staying on a regular exercise schedule in the past, this can be a good way to make sure it is a priority.

Recommended for: If you struggle with grogginess, you’ve had a hard time fitting exercise into your schedule and if you want to make fitness your top priority.

As a side note: I do this first because it’s the habit that’s easiest for me to break. I know this about myself and know that the longer I put it off, the more effort it will take for me to get it done.

Option Four: Learning First

I hesitated to put this one as an option because I know how easy it is to get caught up in the learning process. I LOVE learning and I’m a perpetual student of practically anything and everything. I need to be incredibly cognizant that I don’t mistake learning for doing. Whether you choose to learn through reading, watching tutorials, listening to podcasts, taking a class/program/course or practicing a skill, just make sure you put your dreams in motion

ps. If you want to learn a language or put a language you know into use, I recommend Duolingo. I use it every day.

Recommended for: When you want to work on an important learning goal but never find the time.

Option Five: Plan Your Day

I usually do this the night before but there’s something to be said about making a cup of coffee/tea/smoothie and sitting down to set intentions for your day. You can either use a journal or a sheet of paper (I use the latter). This is what mine would look like.

How do I want to feel today? ->Abundantly blessed
->Vibrantly healthy
->Deeply connected to God

To Manifest List
1. Meditate
2. Pray
3. Reading
4. Affirmations
5. Money date
6. Yoga
7. Cardio
8. Workout
9. Duolingo
10. Write rough draft of blog
11. Connect on Instagram (15 minutes)
12. Contact X rescue group (I’ll write the name and number so that I make it as easy as possible for my brain to not dispute why I can’t)
13. Contact X vendor
14. Write outline for podcast

Doing this first thing in the morning can be a good way to prime your day for success.

Recommended for: If you want to focus your mind on work and productivity, but can’t start working right away.

Option Six: Tidying/MakingYour Bed/Grooming

Putting your house and appearance in order will help put your mind in order as well. Make your bed, tidy your living and workspace, brush your teeth, shower, put on fresh clothes.

I can tell you for free that when I take the time before I go to bed to ensure that dishes are in the dishwasher or put away, my morning starts off on a much higher vibe. Ideally, you want to sync this routine up with one of the other ones or a combination thereof.

Recommended for: Those who want an easy way to get a sense of accomplishment. This will build momentum for the other things you want to be/do/have throughout your day.

I can’t wait to hear which one(s) you’ve chosen 🙂 (that’s a not so subtle hint to let me know).

Always remember; your morning routine will help set the tone for your day and the great part of that is that you get to determine how you want your day to begin.

Hugs & high fives

ps. Human Design – If you haven’t heard about this before- it’s a system that combines quantum physics, genetics, biochemistry, astrology, Kabbalah, I’Ching and the chakra system.

It shows you how you’re designed to make decisions, communicate, what your natural strengths are and loads more. If you believe that our souls came here with a plan, then you can think of Human Design as the road map to get you there.