I stood there for an embarrassingly long time staring in the mirror at the tuft of hair on the crown of my head that refuses to lay flat. And in the midst of cursing the cowlick gods, I gasped – I would’ve clutched my pearls if I were wearing any.  
I gasped when I realized that it’s been 487 years since we’ve last chatted!
So I figured: maybe I should send an email! A sign of life! A smoke signal to you!
And here we are.
HiHiHi!  🙋🏻‍♀️
If January was a bit of a slow start for you, I have great news – The lunar new year is the new year.  Coincidentally, it falls a day after my birthday on February 10th.  
So I say we clean, purge, dream and list-make our little hearts out. (Bonus points if you squeeze in a little cake-eating).
Use the new moon to plant the seeds of your desires for 2024.  
This message from Rev. Sydney Finn is apropos for the occasion (did I use apropos correctly?!) 
2024 is a special emphasis on your unique desires. Your specific combination of desires (and your willingness to align to them) has the potential to make 2024 a defining, supernatural year.
It’s going to be more important than ever that you be honest with yourself about what you want, and what your desires are. Comparison and over-consumption has heavily fogged peoples vision and distorted what they genuinely want. This year, the fog will clear!
Many people will fall back in love with their own path, their own style, and their own way. People are already aware of the fact that others do not hold the key to their fulfillment. This past year left many people in a directionless void, unsure of where to focus.
Cookie cutter desires will be left in 2023!
Don’t forget that the desires God has placed upon your heart are there for a reason. Your unique expression is what the world is craving most, and that requires your radical honesty.
“Thou shalt not covet,” will play a major role in 2024 – gone are the days of superficial motivations!
You cannot focus on the call of your soul and others at the same time… this year is an invitation to reconnect with your undiluted expression.
The more connected you are to your desires, your expression, your unique trajectory, the more rapid your evolution will be.
Keep your finger on the pulse of your desire.
Pry your eyes away from the success of others.
Only you have the ability to drive in your lane.
One thing is clear about 2024, the more honest you are with yourself, the clearer your path will become.
Let confusion, disenchantment, and fogginess serve as guidance that you’ve disconnected from your most authentic desire and calling.
Let your authentic, personal vision light the way for you this year, and the unfolding will bring an overflowing spring of fulfillment and divine orchestration.
By the way, did you see the pictures I posted over on Instagram of Pearl?
You probably didn’t, because Instagram is kind of passé these days, isn’t it? I’ve been posting so sporadically, because that’s what happens when you decide to go eyeballs deep to get certified in a new therapy modality, redecorate your place on a budget-ish (read: hot glue 246 million rocks on a mirror), foster dogs, adopt a dog … all whilst continuing to grow your businesse
Meet Pearl!
DIY Rock Mirror
The 500lb Mirror 😂
Redecorating on a budget
It's almost done! Just a few more things to do.