If you want to see your goals/desires come to fruition, then you’re going to need to make decisions based on the outcome you want and not from your emotions.   This takes discipline and below are the top then ways that have helped me strengthen my discipline.

Let’s dive in.


For all my fellow hot shower lovers, this is a good one.  There’s no better way to build discipline than a little physical discomfort.   Taking a cold shower first thing in the morning will do just that. Not only does it build mental strength, but it has other benefits as well.

Thirteen to be exact, and you can read about them here.

You don’t have to start off cold. You can start with your normal water temperature, but for the last 3 minutes it must be cold! As cold as it goes!

Work your way up to the 3 minute mark.

Tomorrow, do 30 seconds.  Fifteen seconds on your front and 15 seconds on your back. 

Pay attention to how you feel after.

The following day, increase it to 40 seconds (20 seconds on your front and 20 seconds on your back).

Bit by bit, keep increasing it.


Go into your settings and turn all the notifications off before you go to bed tonight. If you use your phone as an alarm like I do, you won’t be greeted with a screen full of notifications the next morning.  Not only will this help your nervous system, but it will also help you get in the zone and stay there so that you can do the important work instead of being distracted by the noise.


Do you want a bundle of energy? This is it.

WARNING: It tastes awful. If I had to lick someone’s butthole, I imagine it would taste a lot like celery juice.  But, the benefits FAR outweigh the taste. Again, pushing beyond the taste and doing it helps build discipline.

I buy organic celery for about $3.50 for two bunches. I juice one bunch in the morning on an empty stomach and chug it back as quickly as I can.

If you want to learn about all the benefits of celery juice, click here.


These little bottles of magic have helped me with so many things from adrenal fatigue, insomnia, low energy, foggy brain, upset stomach, headaches, tight muscles, hormone imbalance and a sluggish liver.

My 3 must haves at all times are Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint.

Quality is extremely important for efficacy purposes. So invest a little more if you can. I’ve seen such an improvement using them that I signed up with a company to get wholesale prices. If you want to buy high-quality oils at wholesale prices, please let me know and I’d be happy to get them for you.


This is a must for me. I write about 2-3 pages each morning of everything I want to have, experience and be. Health, Money, Business, Life. ALL OF IT.

Not only does the practice itself build discipline but the process itself vamps up my energy and also energetically connects me to what I want.


Create something each and every day that will allow you to express your message.

Is it writing? A video? A podcast? A product? A service? A post? A picture? What gets your juices flowing? It can be one word, one minute, a blog…it doesn’t matter. Just make it a habit to sit down (or walk around) each day and create.

Now put what you’ve just created into the world. Share it. It doesn’t have to be perfect.


I’m amazed at how many people don’t poop every day. The toxins that build up in your body will show up in every area of your life and that includes your ability to think clearly. I highly recommend taking Magnesium Citrate if you’re blocked up.

You’ll have to play around with the dosage to get the laxative effect. Start at 300 mg and increase your dosage until you get the desired result. I take 600 mg.


Whether it’s 3 minutes or 30 minutes. Give yourself the gift of being present and being still … It doesn’t necessarily have to be quiet. It can be a guided meditation, there can be chanting, nature sounds…whatever works for you.


You know that unstoppable feeling you get when your space is clean, tidy and organized? I want you to get a dose of that each morning. Whether it’s making your bed (if you don’t already do that), putting the dishes away, tidy/organizing your workspace…whatever it is, I want you to make a habit of doing something each and every morning. Not only does it strengthen your discipline muscle but it will amp up your mojo and give you a sense of badassedness.


It can be through a workout, a walk/jog/run/, yoga, an orgasm…whatever it is, do something to elevate your heart rate each and every day.

Whenever you catch yourself saying you don’t feel like it, you don’t have the time, or you’ll do it tomorrow, BE AWARE THAT THIS IS WHAT IS SCREAMING FOR YOU TO DO IN ORDER TO BE THE MASTER OF YOUR MIND. If you give in to every thought and emotion you have that doesn’t support your desired outcome(s), you’re going to keep getting the same results and repeating the same lessons.

If you want more money, better health, soulmate love, a booming business…you’re going to have to push through.

Let me know what you try.

Cheering for you xo